We are pleased to re-launch our promotional video campaign called, “The Moment.”   These 30-second videos will shared on our social media platforms during the month of  April which is Financial Literacy Month.   The entire set of videos from 2022 can be viewed here. (12 minutes in length)

We are asking individuals from all walks of life to tell us the moment when you realized the importance of knowing how to manage your money.

Perhaps it was:

  • When you first earned money babysitting, doing chores, or mowing the neighbor’s lawn.
  • When you started a part-time job as a teenager with plans to save for college or your first car.
  • When you first stated out on your own and having to pay monthly bills.


Or maybe it was later on in your life – when life threw you a curve ball like:

  • Finding it hard to manage your spending and saving.
  • Having over-extended yourself with credit cards.
  • Experiencing an unexpected occurrence, like an accident, health issue, or job loss.

Would you be willing to share that moment with us? 

All we are looking for is a 30-second video of you telling us your moment.

Download The Moment Video Release Form which includes instructions on how you would like your video labelled.  Email the your video (in MP4 format) to dhebert@nhjumpstart.org.

Please begin your video with, “The moment I realized how important it is to manage my money was …..”

Thank you for supporting our efforts!