The New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition has compiled the following collection of websites. Inclusion in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Coalition.

A Financial Literacy Glossary for Students

Ancient Currency: A Guide to Money in Ancient Times

AFSA Education Foundation

Annual Credit Reports

Banking and Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens

Best Credit Cards for 2022


A College Student’s and Graduate’s Guide to Investments and Retirement

Compound Interest Calculator & Guide

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Publications

Consumer Jungle

Credit Card Insider

Cryptocurrency 101

Essential Business & Financial Calculators

FDIC Consumer News

Financial Calculators

Financial Football

Financial Life Hacks for High Schoolers

Fiscal Tiger – Credit Card Glossary 

Five Year Fire Escape Blog for Parents

Get Debit

A Guide to Your First Credit Card

Guide to Budgeting

How to Maintain a Good Credit Score

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Masters in Accounting – Understanding Financial Literacy

Math Games and Consumer Math Skills


National Endowment for Financial Education

Next Gen Personal Finance

New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation

Practical Money Skills for Life

Score Info

Social Security Estimator

State of New Hampshire Department of Education

Student Credit Cards and Young Credit

Student Loan Calculator

Teaching Kids the Power of Compound Interest

Ultimate Saving Guide For High School Seniors Going Into College

U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Financial Education

US News & World Report Card Study – 2023

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission