Classroom Connections

Since 2001, we have offered a one-day professional development event for teachers who integrate personal finance in the classroom.  This annual event in May brings together teachers from across the state to network and share practices with one another; to learn about new classroom resources; and to improve their own personal knowledge of personal finance concepts.

May 9, 2024! 

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

This Year’s Presenters:

Zoe Callaway
Director of Education
Tax Foundation

Zoe is the Director of Education at the Tax Foundation, managing the educational platform, TaxEDU. She was previously executive director of an issue advocacy organization that advocated for lower taxes, mindful state spending, and better accountability and transparency in government in her home state of Delaware. Prior to that, she worked in the Delaware State Legislature as a Communications Specialist while completing an MA in Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware, where she also earned a BA in American History with a minor in Political Science.

Nikole Rioz
Director of Education

Nikole Rios serves as the Director of Education at Banzai where she oversees curriculum solutions aimed at instilling financial and life literacy skills in students across the US. Nikole’s role extends beyond curriculum design as she collaborates closely with educators to promote integration into classroom environments and meet the needs of teachers. Passionate about advocating for financial literacy in schools, Nikole promotes the importance of financial education at local, state, and national levels.

Ed Kissell 
Veteran Speaker, Entrepreneur, Finance Coach and Investor

For over a quarter century, Ed Kissell has been engaging, amusing, and educating audiences across the nation. But Ed is not just a public speaker; he’s a creator, designer, entrepreneur, author, investor, personal finance coach, and proud dog owner. His journey has taken him from Silicon Valley to the hallowed halls of prestigious Boston universities and numerous Fortune 500 companies in between. As an author, entrepreneur, investor, and educator, Ed manifests a high-energy, stylized, multimedia presentation that entertains audiences across the nation. He’s not your typical speaker; he’s the one who brings fun, gamified experiences that are relevant to all spectators.

Dusti Young
Director of Partner Relations and Strategic Initiatives

Dusti Young is the Director of Partner Relations and Strategic Initiatives at LifeCents, a financial wellness organization. With a career spanning over a decade, Dusti has coached and guided thousands of individuals toward financial freedom through debt management plans. She is a seasoned educator, having conducted over 180 training sessions annually for more than 80 financial institutions. In her role, Dusti presents and teaches financial wellness topics, helping people navigate financial decisions, build confidence, and take actionable steps toward their goals.

Date and Location

This popular professional development event for Granite State teachers will be held on May 9, 2024 at The Grappone Conference in Concord, NH.  Directions here.  

We are grateful that Classroom Connections continues to be sponsored by our friends at Fidelity Investments.

Networking, Classroom Resources and Professional Development

At the in-person event – in addition to the content sessions, we make classroom resources available as well as the opportunity to share best practices with other teachers from across the state.  Six (6) professional development hours are generally provided for attending the event.

Overnight Accommodations!

For teachers traveling more than 45 miles, we  will be again able to provide free hotel accommodations near the workshop.